Handmade Baby Blankets

Our handmade baby blankets are created for your child when you order.

Baby blankies or loveys are a wonderful part of any child's life, from birth to toddler. We create unique handmade baby blankets from soft cuddly satin and cozy flannel. Most children find comfort in a blankie lovey when they're young, making it their security object. We pride ourselves on each of our handmade blanket loveys snuggly designs, as well as choosing wonderful flannel patterns to stimulate a baby's senses. Our unique styles of blankies offer a variety of choices for your child to find the perfect lovey. Most of our blankies can be personalized for your child with embroidery. You can also change up the Buddy Ears on selected blankies, see each page for details.

Children use security blankets or loveys as comfort items throughout their day.

Buddy Blankies, our signature security baby blankets, are approximately 18" square and available in a variety of cute flannel patterns. You're sure to find a perfect one for your baby or for the perfect baby shower gift. Worried about those loveys being dragged around and snagging on everything? Our Buddy Blankies are just the right size to snuggle up with or carry around safely. Being handmade, not machine-made, each of the blankies we create is unique and special. They're made for your child at the time of your order - not manufactured in a factory overseas.

Bright, patterned flannel make our handmade blanket loveys stimulating and fun to own. Created from 100% cotton flannel and white cuddle satin, our baby loveys are completely machine washable and dryer safe. These baby security blankets were designed for every day snuggling. These handmade blankets are just the right size in or out of the house, not too bulky to lug around. We also offer a travel-size blankie, the Baby Buddy. This smaller, matching lovey is perfect for the car or diaper bag so you're never without on a trip! You can find these two matching blankets packaged together in our Buddy Gift Set

Buddy Ears are what make our blankies special! Each of our Buddy Blankies come with two sets of Buddy Ears. The set of knotted ears were designed for that teething stage, where you child chews on everything. The knots help ease the pain of those gums by letting your child bite down and work those knotted pieces of flannel. The bunny-like ears are perfect for dragging their baby blankies around, or to press against their cheeks when going to sleep. One side of flannel and the other cuddle satin makes them the perfect match for little fingers to run against. These Buddy Ears are unique to our company and child tested for over ten years!

Personalized baby blankets are the perfect handmade gift!

Personalization is offered on almost all of our handmade blankies, with the exception of our Baby Buddy. Personalized baby blankets make wonderful gifts for your child, or for a new mom. These customized, unique loveys become a treasure for child and parent alike. The baby's name and birth date can be added to their blankies in two styles of lettering, Block or Script.

Personalized baby blankets are more than just adding a name to your baby's lovey. The embroidery becomes another texture for your baby to experience with their blankies and it can help they recognize the letters within their name as they grow. We match the thread used to a colour within the patterned flannel, and embroider one corner before crafting begins. That way, only the embroidery stands out, no rough backside edges for tiny fingers to get caught in.

Our other handmade blankies are just as special and unique. Each of these designs are only available through us - you're sure to find exactly what you're looking for, no matter what the need. Should you have any questions or concerns, contact us and we'll do our best to answer your needs.

Every Buddy is SomeBuddy's !